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Join smart users and learn the secrets of how to turn £1000 into £1,000,000 within 4 years.


You are already one step ahead of 95% of population.

We make Crypto investing learning fun, safe, secure and profitable with our simple to follow step by step mentorship programme and online course.

Here at Stray Dogs College we have you covered, everything from a novice person whom knows nothing or little about crypto investing and to anyone whom has experience and wants to turbo boost their knowledge and trades to the next level. 


Fed up wasting money on courses and programs promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams?

We know how it feels as we all felt the same way, buying courses and programs online hoping to find the holy grail to making money online through crypto investing. Promises and stories of people turning £1000 into £1000,000 within three short months. While this can be true, for most part it is just not true for 99.9% of people getting into the game. In fact for most crypto investing and trading can be very scary and stressful when you start and if you get into the market at the wrong time you could see your portfolio loss 95% of it value over night or get completely wrecked by jumping into highly leverage trades with little to no experience. This is why we created a five step no malarkey course to get anyone into crypto safe, secure and profitable giving them the tools, skills and more importantly the belief that you too can do it. This is by no means a ‘Get Rich Quick’ educational system, it requires you to commit to educating yourself and play the long game. 

“Time in the game is worth more than money in the game.”

If you do nothing more than complete our level one training course you will not be disappointed, in fact very happy to recommend family and friends to get into the action. Level one training course is also what we call our 'White Belt Programme'. Set and forget and review once a month. Sounds like you then what are you waiting for? 


Heard all about these Altcoins exploding and want to know how to buy them and get into some of the action without taking too much risk?

Then we have you covered with this program. Learn the different between a hooey coin and which Altcoins are worth investing for the long game with massive upside. How to build and grow a successful portfolio, while being able to sleep at night and still stay safe, secure and profitable.


Heard about DeFi, Mining, Crypto Loans, Launch Pads, Small Caps?

Then not only will you learn all the latest happening with crypto world but we will teach you how to turbo your investment and take it to a whole different level. This requires you as the investor to take full responsibility for your crypto portfolio, don’t worry we will point you in the right direction to keep you safe, secure and profitable by giving you the tools, skill and belief to get into the game.


Heard a lot about Leverage Trading? How you can make and loss fortune or have experience as a crypto or forex trader and yet still not made any money?

Then we have you covered, not only we will teach you the basic but give you three unique trading strategies that truly work. We make no BS promises other than if you can last 90 days without losing money then you join the elite the 10% of traders whom make money. We truly keep it simple, anyone can learn. Personally I never thought or wanted to be a trader so my favourite system and way to trade is set and forget in ten minutes.


Lastly Options, Automations, Bots that can manage your whole portfolio.

Well sorry to say unless you know what you are doing this is one of the quickest way to loose a lot of money fast. By the time you get to level five (Black Belt) you should have the tools and skills to make good decision and through this we take a look at all the possibilities how we can automate our trades and explore 'Option Trading'. 


With this in mind and that is why we created a five step process to cover all types of crypto investors.


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